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Dear Parent,

My favorite time of day at York Prep is 3:30 in the afternoon. Our final class ends at 3:10, but at 3:30, it feels as though the day has just begun. If you were to visit us at that time you would find a vibrant building where learning of every kind is happening in every corner.  
You would see teachers working one-on-one with students wherever there is space: on hallway benches, outside of the faculty room, and in classrooms. That night’s homework might be between them as they walk through a difficult example, or they may be reviewing feedback on a recent essay line by line. Students are practicing sign language silently or using the imperfect tense in Spanish. In the library, you could see an AP Calculus review session at one table and a group of 8th graders designing propaganda posters to accompany their reading of Animal Farm at another. In a Jump Start room, you might find a learning specialist helping a 6th grader color code their folders, or a 10th grader creating a review guide for an upcoming test.  In the art room, seniors might be guiding 7th graders through building sets for the upcoming musical, while a 9th grader puts the finishing touches on a self-portrait.  
At 3:30, who we are as a community is on full display. Everywhere you turn you will see compassionate educators working closely with engaged students to support them to reach their full potential academically, artistically, socially, emotionally, and physically. What is hard to capture until you’ve seen it though, is not the academic support or the way our students learn to advocate for themselves to seek help outside of class, but the connection and camaraderie York students have, not just with each other, but with our amazing faculty. At York, the connection between our educators and our students is the secret to ensuring each young person is seen and known for who they are. At 3:30, those relationships and that care is palpable everywhere you turn. 
Whether your child is a budding chemist or a dancer, a filmmaker, or an athlete, at York they will build a team of people that will support them in learning to define what success can look and feel like for them. And if your child hasn’t yet found their passion, this can be the exact right place for them too. Our community is designed for students to experience a wide array of challenges and opportunities to help them figure out who they are and what they love. 
This community is a special one— one I have been lucky to be a part of for the last seven years, and one I am honored to lead into its next chapter as York’s second Head of School. 
Please come visit us to learn more about who we are and what we do. We cannot wait to meet your family and explore why York might be the right fit for your child. 

Kate Maggiotto
Head of School
    • Kate Maggiotto