Our goal for students is unwavering integrity, a desire to learn in a rigorous academic environment, and enthusiastic participation in community life. We make leaders, joiners, and achievers. York boasts a diverse curriculum, outstanding faculty, and exceptional arts and sports programs in the heart of Lincoln Center.

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  • Headmaster's Thoughts: December 2019

    I find it incredible that I can write about the irony that Volkswagen, Hitler’s car, should be exposed to spew noxious gases (yes, gases) into the atmosphere and then cover this gas issue up. Even better, no one seems to have made that connection. Let us take it again…car that Hitler made famous, gas fumes, lies, and cover-up. Somewhere I have seen this before in history but not in contemporary news. Okay, I will put it down on paper here.
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York Prep is an independent private school in New York City committed to guiding students in grades 6 through 12 toward their maximum potential—intellectually, socially, and physically—and to preparing them for college and beyond. Compassionate educators creatively address the needs and interests of a diverse community, and support and challenge students as they progress through a traditional curriculum within a structured environment. York Prep encourages the development of lifelong learners who are responsible members of their community.