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Freshmen Attend Poetry Intensive at Sarah Lawrence

Ninth graders, Nia Moore and Nicole Rashkover were selected by Ms. Umansky to attend the High School Poetry Intensive on Saturday May 5th at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY.  The day involved several workshops with published poets, and teenagers …

May 21, 2018



York Prep’s First Dance Recital Streamed Live

After practicing in and after school for weeks, York Prep dance students performed a recital for the entire school on Thursday, May 17. Having studied with Performing Arts Department Chair Ms. Fiona Hutchison and dance teacher Mr. Lance Martin all …

May 19, 2018



Get Started on Your Summer Reading

Check out the Summer Reading Program for the 2018 – 2019 school year and find a few books to sink your teeth into! There are specialized lists of fiction and non-fiction works for both the Upper and Middle schools curated …

May 18, 2018



The Paw is Back With A Farewell to Principal Viscusi

This year’s Spring issue of The Paw is back with plenty of in-depth articles including a well written interview with the outgoing principal, Mr. Art Viscusi. Advised by English teacher Ms. Hilary Hersh, the staff of The Paw did yet …

May 17, 2018




Commencement 2016

How are your dinner table conversations?

Science and Everyday Life

What does one do with Algebra?

Can History help the present?

Lin-Manuel Miranda at York


Headmaster’s Thoughts – May 2018

Three Blind Mice. Three Blind Mice. See how they run! See how they run! They all run after the Farmer’s wife Who cut off their tails with a carving knife. Did you ever see such a sight in your life? As Three Blind Mice. I tend to be skeptical about reading too much into nursery rhymes. It reminds me of the rule of life in my Oxford tutorials. My first tutorial with my very intimidating don (the name for a professor assigned as mentor for the entire college experience) consisted of reading to him my prepared essay on a subject…

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