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Students Protest Gun Violence with National School Walkout

To mark the one-month anniversary of the deadly February 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida, York Prep School joined the national school walkout. The student-organized nationwide plan to walk out of school for 17 minutes demands state and local representatives address …

March 14, 2018



Mandarin Students Explore Chinatown

Escorted by teachers Ms. Ruan, Mr. Abreu, Ms. Hersh, a special field trip started with a ride on the B train down to Grand Street. Twenty students taking Mandarin from 8th to 12th grade visited Chinatown on Thursday, March 8. …

March 13, 2018



February Athletes of the Month

Male: Benny Mermelstein Eighth grader, Benny Mermelstein, was instrumental in the success of the Middle School Basketball team this season. He led the team in steals, rebounds, and points. He also matured over the course of the season with his …

March 2, 2018



Students Share Talent in Out Loud Mid-Winter Showcase

When the clock struck 5:00 p.m. on the evening of Thursday, February 15, the chapel was filled with students ready to perform. English teacher Mr. Ethan Pennington welcomed everyone to the 6th Annual Out Loud Midwinter Showcase. As in years …

February 16, 2018




Commencement 2016

How are your dinner table conversations?

Science and Everyday Life

What does one do with Algebra?

Can History help the present?

Lin-Manuel Miranda at York


Headmaster’s Thoughts – March 2018

I remember an old line…”If you want to be served at a restaurant, take a table near a waiter.” The joke was that the advice was futile because waiters move and tables do not.  That is the problem with most advice; it is just not practical. Having said that, the following comments may appear too much like advice. They are not; they are more personal observations after nearly 50 years of being head at York Prep. My first observation is that most parents over-estimate their ability to affect who their child is, and, by extension, the way their child learns.…

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