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Students Recognized as October Athlete of the Month

Dylan Freidman Eighth grader, Dylan Freidman, came ready to participate every single day. He is willing to better himself and the each of the players around him on the Middle School Soccer team. With his lightning fast speed, Dylan was …

November 9, 2017



York Students Left “Wonderstruck” By Halloween Surprise

Tuesday, October 31st was not only Halloween, but also a frightfully fun filled and educational day for the York Prep Community. To begin, administrators took the entire York Prep Student Body to see the movie “Wonderstruck.” “Based on Brian Selznick’s …

November 2, 2017



A Special Spooky Halloween Episode of WYRK

Your favorite York Prep student run television station, WYRK, has released an all new special spooky halloween episode. The students of WYRK, including plenty of new sixth grade talent, have been putting in late hours for the show. Finally, after …

October 31, 2017



8th Grader Runs Susan Baer Memorial 5K

Memorial 5K races are not how most middle schoolers opt to spend a Sunday morning. However on October 15th, that is precisely what eighth grader and York Prep track runner Sam Carrigan did. With the support of his dad, Sam …

October 20, 2017




Commencement 2016

How are your dinner table conversations?

Science and Everyday Life

What does one do with Algebra?

Can History help the present?

Lin-Manuel Miranda at York


Headmaster’s Thoughts – November 2017

Watching the opening month of school is noticing the pairing of students into friendships.  You do not need many friends in your adolescence but it certainly makes life easier if one has a “best friend.”  The person who you can talk honestly to, the person who you know you can always call, the “foul weather” friend for you when things get tough. I had a best friend all the way through my secondary school who, in retrospect, made a great difference in helping me cope with the pressures and challenges that I, like most of my peers, faced.  His name…

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