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Congratulations Genesis!

Once again, York Prep’s award-winning literary magazine, Genesis, proves itself to be among the best of the best. Last year’s 2017 Spring issue of Genesis won first place from the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA) in their annual contest and review …

January 18, 2018



Faculty & Student Basketball Game Ends in Draw

Just before the last day of the Fall semester, the faculty and students went head-to-head in a heated basketball competition reminiscent of the legendary Bulls vs. Knicks rivalry. A large number of students, many from the school’s basketball team, all …

December 22, 2017



The Paw’s Winter Issue Gives a Behind the Scenes Look

This winter issue of the York Prep School Newspaper The Paw reports on a wide range of topics with thorough coverage and excellent writing. From the supply drives for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in Texas and Puerto Rico …

December 20, 2017



English Students Experience One of Shakespeare’s Funniest Comedies Live

On Thursday, December 14th, Ms. Umansky’s 10-1 and 10-H English classes, were lucky enough to see Fiasco Theater’s Twelfth Night at Classic Stage Company Theater  in the East Village.  After nearly finishing reading Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in class, the both …

December 18, 2017




Commencement 2016

How are your dinner table conversations?

Science and Everyday Life

What does one do with Algebra?

Can History help the present?

Lin-Manuel Miranda at York


Headmaster’s Thoughts – January 2018

Happy New Year - I mean it.  Happy New Year!  Start the New Year whenever you wish. It certainly does not have to be January 1st.  If your New Year is in September (you are probably Jewish), then Happy New Year for then.  But if you decide that your New Year starts on your birthday, or your wedding anniversary, or the day you acquired your dog, or the day that you bought a new iPhone, then a happy New Year for your individual new year.  And, if you have any good resolutions, then start your New Year resolutions tomorrow (or…

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