Our goal for students is unwavering integrity, a desire to learn in a rigorous academic environment, and enthusiastic participation in community life. We make leaders, joiners, and achievers. York boasts a diverse curriculum, outstanding faculty, and exceptional arts and sports programs in the heart of Lincoln Center.

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  • Headmaster's Thoughts: January 2020

    Since it is now 2020 (Happy New Year!) and Jayme and I started York Prep in 1969, I was pondering on what has changed in education over these last 50 plus years. The answer is that so much has altered the way education is delivered today to high school students, along with changing attitudes about the value of such education, that any attempt to go into detail requires a book (which I do not have the qualifications or attention span to write). The other factor inhibiting a full study is that we are in the middle rather than the end of the effects of the changes that have occurred. Trying to make a statement about a process that is in the act of evolving, is not the most sensible. So, historically, some changes that have happened will have a permanent effect, while other changes that have happened may disappear and, in hindsight, be recognized as a temporary fad.
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