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Sixth Grader Composes Election-based Orchestral Piece

Sixth grader and York honor roll student Suvani Weerakkody began creating her own music at an early age and, as a pianist, has performed on stages as great as the famous Carnegie Hall. Her dedication to the craft has resulted …

January 20, 2017



Getting Into the Science of Food

Microbiology sounds like something most people would have to go to college and get doctorates to understand, but not so for York Prep students. Dr. Melinda Viscusi’s senior Microbiology class delves into the topic five days a week and recently …

January 18, 2017



Senior Selected for Concord Review

In approximately 9,000 words York Prep Senior Haewon Lee vividly portrays a chapter in history that many Americans probably know little to nothing about. In her essay, “Breaking Open the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ From the Dissolution of Joseon to the Splintering …

January 13, 2017



Eighth Graders Save Manhattan from Mayhem

Like the 2014 blockbuster “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” the primates are taking over. Manhattan is under siege and it is up to a group of 8th graders to save the day. No this is not the start …

January 12, 2017




Commencement 2016

How are your dinner table conversations?

Science and Everyday Life

What does one do with Algebra?

Can History help the present?

Lin-Manuel Miranda at York


Headmaster’s Thoughts – January 2017

The first joke that I remember was told to me in kindergarten: “What does a caterpillar do on New Year’s Day? He turns over a new leaf!” Pathetic (although I remember that I thought it was funny as a five-year-old). With that in mind, I wish you all a joyful New Year. It is an arbitrary date in the calendar around which we seem to have focused our attention as a society. In itself, it should carry no more significance than any other date. If you have a resolution, then why not carry that out as soon as you have…

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