Our Program

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York Prep was founded in 1969 with a clear vision: to offer an outstanding education in a warm yet challenging atmosphere. The York Prep philosophy is to combine a progressive environment with a traditional-values approach to education. It is what makes York Prep one of New York City's best schools serving students in grades 6-12.

Our Approach

Made Possible by Outstanding Teachers

York Prep offers every student a personalized education, making us one of the best middle schools and high schools in New York City. Our goal is to enable middle and high school students to reach beyond their comfort level and achieve academic success. We pride ourselves in accomplishing this goal with a nurturing, structured environment where students are free to take positive risks. At the same time, we are dedicated to academic excellence and strive to instill the work ethic necessary to that end; good grades are meaningless if students are not being challenged.

Central to this pursuit are the faculty members at York Prep, a caring and intellectually rigorous group of individuals. They inspire curiosity and motivate the desire to learn in every one of our students. It is what sets us apart from other high schools in New York City: we effectively balance intensive academics with a supportive atmosphere.

Individual attention at York Prep is possible because of our faculty’s dedication. Class sizes, which average about 15 students, allow for an intimate yet lively atmosphere where ideas, thoughts, and feelings can flourish without bounds.

We encourage communication between parents and the school. Teachers send parents a brief report on their child’s academic and social progress on a regular basis. Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for fall and winter semesters. The annual Curriculum Night gives parents a chance to meet faculty members and get a thorough overview of coursework. Parents are strongly urged to get involved with the school through the Parents’ Association.

Another Way We Make York Yours

Every family at York Prep receives regular reports on their student’s progress in each of their classes via our online learning management system. Students and parents can rely on regular, personal feedback on their progress and needs from every one of their teachers.
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