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    The JEN Jazz Conference Chronicles

    “That’s what jazz is, it’s playing the wrong note to lead you to the right note,” says five-time Grammy winner Victor Wooten. During his Bass Masterclass at the Jazz Education Network conference, he invited the audience to be experimental and to join the musical conversation that is jazz music. After his presentation, sophomore Imani Chisholm felt inspired by his message to “play what you know”, and senior Paul Petretta declared that he would “stop overcomplicating (his bass playing), and just play.” Earlier this month, Mr. Cockrell, Ms. Hutchison, and seven students traveled to Orlando, Florida to attend the JEN Conference. The trip was nothing short of an epiphany.
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  • Honors Chemistry Brings the Heat

    Mrs. Haberman’s Honors Chemistry students recently conducted some exciting lab experiments. The students formed groups, which set up and performed a synthesis reaction of iron and oxygen, a decomposition reaction of copper (II) carbonate, and a combustion reaction of isopropyl alcohol and oxygen. They then taught the reaction to the rest of the class. “They did a really impressive job and had a lot of fun actually doing the reactions we learned about in class!” said Mrs. Haberman. Click here to see the reaction in action!
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  • Athletic Insider with Coach Turi: Sophie Bohrer

    We are joined by Sophie Bohrer today. She is a three-sport student-athlete at York, and recently committed to run track and field in college. 

    : Sophie, you recently committed to college to run track and field. Congratulations, tell us where you committed and why you chose the school.

    Sophie: I recently committed to Ohio Wesleyan. I chose the school because I got a spot on the track team, they have a great education program, it's a great size, and has a beautiful campus and nice people.

    Turi: How did you narrow your search for a school that fits you academically and athletically?

    Sophie: I narrowed my search that fit me academically and athletically. It was really easy and I knew that was the place (for me). Also having the education is awesome!
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  • Juniors Visit Edward Hopper’s New York

    by Dr. Andrew Marzoni
    On January 9th, 11th-grade students in my Honors American Literature class and Mr. Hartman’s Pre-Portfolio Painting & Drawing class took the 1 train downtown to the Whitney Museum of American Art to see Edward Hopper’s New York, a new retrospective of the celebrated American painter. For many students, this was a first visit to the museum, and a rare opportunity to learn interesting bits of trivia about the painter’s life and work: that his wife, Josephine, for instance, served as the model for every female figure across his entire body of work, and that the couple were avid theatregoers, even attending the premiere run of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman in 1949 (which the students would see for themselves at the Hudson Theatre on Broadway later that week). Our gracious guides did what they could to ensure that it would not be the students’ only visit to the museum, providing them with free passes at the end of the tour to return with family and friends.
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  • The Paw Winter 2023

    What does the future hold for York Prep? Will the boys varsity basketball team continue its winning streak? What's new and improved on the YP campus, and what needs to be improved? These burning questions, and more, are all answered in the Winter 2023 issue of The Paw. Under the helm of new faculty advisor, Dr. Marzoni, the student reporters injected each article with both hard-hitting facts and insightful personal perspectives. Read The Paw Winter 2023 issue here.
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  • Chemistry Reactions

    Ms. Boyce’s 10th-grade Chemistry class kicked off their chemistry reactions unit with a very interesting experiment combining Aluminum with Copper Chloride. The combination created a temperature change, color change, as well as a solid to form! Scroll through the slideshow to see the result!
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  • Death of a Salesman

    by Dr. Sarah Davis

    This month, the entire 11th grade attended a matinee show of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman on Broadway. After reading the play, students were excited to watch a live performance of the critically acclaimed adaptation starring Wendell Pierce. Students agreed that the excellent cast, the creative lighting cues, and the incorporation of live music on stage made this a thrilling and moving theater experience.
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  • Helen Freund

    Journalism Students Learn from the Pros

    by Dr. Andrew Marzoni

    This fall, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled in my Scholars course, Introduction to Journalism, studied the fundamentals of the trade, considering such topics as newsworthiness, reporting techniques, accuracy and verification, news style, and journalistic ethics as they worked on their own submissions to York Prep’s student newspaper, The Paw
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  • Wellness Wednesday

    Wellness Wednesdays, presented by our Wellness Team, have been an integral part of the York Prep program. As part of this series, our 6th and 7th graders recently gathered for a presentation on anxiety, stress, and coping. After the presentation, the students split into two groups and participated in therapeutic art therapy and yoga sessions.
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  • Lantern Market Stall

    Genesis Wins First Prize

    Congratulations to the Genesis staff and faculty advisors, Leah Umansky; Emily-Greta Tabourin; and Christina Cox, for earning a first-place award from the American Scholastic Press Association contest.  In previous years, Genesis has placed in the overall contest, but this year junior Owen Barbagallo won the first-place prize in the “Outstanding Photographer” category on behalf of Genesis.
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  • Headmaster's Thoughts: January 2023

    This being the beginning of a New Year, let me wish all of our readers a very joyous 2023. After 18 years of writing these monthly thoughts, I proposed to Jeremy Clarke, with who I share an office and, indeed, running the school, that I delegate to him the writing of this month’s thoughts. He agreed, so here they are:
    I am grateful to Mr. Stewart for offering me the baton this month, and especially to do so at the beginning of the New Year. School days between September and December are always the most intense, in my view. These are our two shortest quarters, during which the weather becomes frigid, seniors anxiously await responses from their Early Decision schools, and we squeeze in Field Day, Halloween, International Dinner, two Wellness Days, the fall play, and Midterms among much else. I am sure the students join the teachers in welcoming this holiday break. We look ahead now to a semester with a little more room to breathe. To me, January to June always feels a little like climbing down the other side of the mountain.
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