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  • January

    Create an Olympic Sport At Home

    Last month, the York Prep P.E. Department encouraged both students and teachers to create Olympic sports in the comfort of their own homes and outdoor surroundings. This challenge was created to keep spirits high while we were remote in December, and the results will also bring joy to anyone who watches the videos created by the students and faculty who rose to the challenge!
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  • Imprisoned In My Own Home

    Mr. Marconi’s English 10-2 students read Albert Camus’s 1947 novel The Plague  last quarter, and then were asked to compare the novel with their own experiences during the pandemic. Tenth-grade student, Zachary Sternchos, wrote an essay entitled “Imprisoned In My Home”  in response to the prompt. His astute observations on the human condition, drawn from both Camus’ novel and the current behavioral patterns of our society during the pandemic, are incisively expressed throughout his essay. You can read his essay here.
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  • 12 Angry Men

    by Ethan Pennington

    As my ninth-grade English continues with their study of Reginald Rose’s classic play 12 Angry Men, they are learning about the complexity of law, and jury trials in particular. In the play, a minor is on trial for murder and the action begins as the jurors are dismissed to deliberate.  In 2016, my wife Kassie served on the jury for a murder trial in Brooklyn. Having her speak with my students seemed like a logical extension to further introduce students to this delicate aspect of our criminal justice system, so last month, the entire class met via Zoom to hear her story.
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  • Nouns Via Flipgrid Videos

    At the beginning of the year, Ms. Hersh’s seventh-grade students demonstrated their knowledge of nouns by speaking about them on a video.  It was their first use of a program called Flipgrid that they will be using throughout the year!
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  • PB and J: A Lot More than a Sandwich

    by Eric Tull

    At York Prep, “PB and J” stands for “Police Betterment and Justice”.  It’s not a club as much as a it is a community-minded political activity, prompted by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order 203.  Last summer, in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and others, and the resultant outrage and mass protest, Cuomo issued a challenge to every city and town in New York State: Gather input from your community as to the kind of policing reform they need, and write it into law by April of 2021, or risk losing your annual funding from Albany.
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  • The Paw Staff Keeps the Presses Running

    by Hilary Hersh

    A pandemic was not enough to stop The Paw, York Prep’s school newspaper. Last spring when the school closed, The Paw’s intrepid reporters kept on researching and writing. And this fall, with some student reporters in school and some remote and eventually everyone online, the editorial staff continued working hard, week after week, to produce a winter issue coming out in January.
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  • Headmaster's Thoughts: January 2021

    I want to wish all members of the York Community a Happy New Year. Let us wish for a better one than 2020; a future year of joy and companionship, when New York City returns to being the vibrant, exciting place it was before COVID.
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