Student Life


As a premier New York City prep school, York Prep offers one of the best arts programs in Manhattan. We’re devoted to providing our students with the tools and resources they need to fully develop all their talents. We pride ourselves on our commitment to giving students’ passions a rewarding creative outlet. Our classes are taught by teachers who are prolific working artists and performers.

Among the Best Arts Programs in Manhattan

Our private middle school and high school curricula offer courses that emphasize the development and application of students’ artistic knowledge and skills. We’ve designed them for people who are looking for arts programs that offer one-on-one attention: our small class sizes allow our teachers to focus on each student’s development on an individual level.

Alongside our arts curriculum, York Prep also offers its students a diverse range of clubs and activities that encourage personal growth along with a deep appreciation for art. Our campus is located within close proximity to both Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, giving our community easy access to works that are sure to inspire.