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  • From York Prep Student to Film Producer: Caitlin Keating Premieres Documentary at Tribeca and Netflix

    Class of 2007 alum Caitlin Keating is set to showcase her remarkable documentary, Take Care of Maya, at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, followed by its release on Netflix. Keating's invaluable experiences during her time at York Prep, and throughout her time as a journalism student and reporter, have played a pivotal role in shaping her into a successful film producer.
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  • Mita Carriman’s Entrepreneurial Adventure

    When asked about a defining moment during her time as a student at York Prep, Mita Carriman fondly recalls when she was a surprise contestant on the television show Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. One fateful day, the self-described bookworm and geography buff entered the YP common area to discover a geography game in progress. Without hesitation, she joined in and played the trivia-style competition. To her surprise, Ms. Carriman was actually auditioning for the pilot episode of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, and she made the cut! All of her days spent reading encyclopedias for fun and learning about world cultures had prepared her for her television debut, and that very experience further fueled her passion for expanding her knowledge base on world travel! Fast forward to today—Mita Carriman is the Founder and CEO of Adventurely, which connects digital nomads to their traveling cohorts, is on a mission to build communities and educate people about sustainable and responsible world travel.
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  • Michael Shlipper

    YP Alum Michael Shipper Empowers Young Athletes

    At York Prep, we are proud to have alumni like Michael Shipper who embody the values of our school. Mr. Shipper is a testament to what can be achieved when you receive care and support from your community and use it as motivation for success in life. 
    Michael’s story begins with his grandfather passing down an inspiring (paraphrased) quote from Theodore Roosevelt that became his mantra: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care." As a student entering middle school at York Prep, he received tremendous amounts of individualized support from teachers, which helped him develop into the successful entrepreneur he is today. He founded Empowered Sports & Fitness on the Upper West Side in January, 2015. The ESF philosophy is to encourage athletes to move, play, and have fun regardless of their backgrounds or abilities. Each athlete feels empowered by the ESF team's level of compassion and dedication. 
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  • YP Alum Lia Schaffner on Publishing Her First Book and Raising Awareness

    Class of 2017 alum Lia Schaffner strives to help others to find their voice. She recently published her first book Rainbow Plague, which illustrates how quickly society can change and evolve into a very negative environment for certain parts of the population. “I got the idea from looking at the Trump administration and so many horrible things happened to so many people,” says Lia. “We are not doing enough to promote awareness, be a part of the change, and to be involved with politics.”
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  • In the booth for the York Prep production of Lend Me a Tenor

    From York Prep Drama Club to Cirque Du Soleil

    York Prep class of 2016 alum Rebecca Meckler was in seventh grade when her Jump Start teacher, Ms. Feibusch, encouraged her to join a new club. She chose the Drama Club, and the rest was history. She continued taking on different roles in the Drama Club throughout the rest of middle school and high school, graduated from Carnegie Melon with a BFA in Stage and Production Management, and is currently the on-call Assistant Stage Manager for "Mystere" - a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas.
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  • York Prep Alum, PhD Positions at MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley

    The last time we caught up with York Prep alum Alexander “Sasha” Khazatsky, a little over a year ago, he had just returned from a Robotic Learning conference in Japan where he presented his paper “Contextual Imagined Goals for Self-Supervised Robotic Learning” . Since then he has maintained his prolific level of work in Artificial Intelligence research, and is currently in the running for UC Berkeley’s Class of 2021 Valedictorian!
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  • York Prep Alum, Alexander Khazatsky, presents at the Conference on Robotic Learning in Japan

    Class of 2017 graduate, Alexander Khazatsky, presented a research paper he co-wrote with five UC Berkeley graduate students at the 2019 Conference on Robotic Learning in Japan earlier this month. More information about the paper, entitled Contextual Imagined Goals for Self-Supervised Robotic Learning, can be found on the project website page here.

    Mr. Khazatsky is currently a student at UC Berkeley, where he is majoring in Computer Science. We congratulate him for all his hard work and efforts towards this project.
  • Mitchell Schorr on How Childhood Memories are Depicted in his Art

    York Prep alumnus Mitchell Schorr’s colorful street art has been ubiquitous throughout New York City over the past decade. Most recently his drawings of musicians were featured in The Met Fifth Avenue’s Play it Loud exhibit, and his Dripy painting hands permanently in the Detroit Institute of Arts. Schorr, who grew up in New York City, currently works out of his studio in Manhattan’s west side, where he creates art inspired by his childhood memories.
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