Student Life


Student life at York Prep is enriched with a diverse selection of clubs that delve into the arts, politics, literature, international cultures, sports, agriculture, and beyond.

School clubs meet during the day and in the afternoons after regular classes. Some of the offerings include Chess Club, Sports Broadcasting, Hiking Club, Photography Club, Environmental Club, and Model United Nations.

Students exercise their creative writing, graphic design, and photographic talents by being part of the yearbook staff, the school newspaper The PAW, and the school literary magazine. Genesis, our literary and art magazine, has won nationally acclaimed awards. Another “hands-on” club is Student Government, which operates the student-staffed school store and organizes frequent fundraisers, assemblies, bake sales, and the annual Halloween festivities.

Two major theater productions are staged each year, employing the talents of York Prep students in costume design, set design and construction, lighting, and acting. Learn more about York Prep’s Visual Arts department. Faculty-supervised trips are offered throughout the fall and spring terms. York Prep students attend the theater, enjoy performances at the Metropolitan Opera, frequent the abundance of local museums throughout Manhattan, take ski weekends, visit Washington, D.C., and travel each year to a foreign country.

Students have visited a number of lands abroad, including Austria, China, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the Czech Republic. Learn more about the exciting trips students have taken with York Prep.

2021-2022 Clubs

Affinity & Social Justice Club
La Pata & Spanish Club      
Asian Culture Appreciation Club
Math and Logic Games Club
ASL Club
Math Competitions Club
Backgammon & Games
Meditation Club
Middle Eastern Cultures Club
Broadway Club
Model U.N.
Business Startup
Museum Club
Ceramics Club
Open Studio
Chess Club
Out Loud
Community Service Club
Peer Tutoring Program
Doctor Who Club
Photography Club
Drama Club
Robotics Club
Empowerment Club
Science Club
Genesis (Literary Magazine)
Set Building Club
German Club
Shakespeare Club
Gender-Sexuality Alliance
She's The First
Harry Potter Club
Social Justice Club
Health Club
Student Government Organization
Hiking Club
Swim Club
Historical Costume Club
The Legend (yearbook)
International Trip
The Paw
Ukulele and Guitar Club
Trains and Ships Club
Sketchbook Club
YP Ambassadors Club
The York Prep community is constantly growing and evolving as we learn each day. As a result, students and faculty create new clubs every year to encourage and cultivate every student's interests and passions. These are the new clubs that we have recently added.
New Clubs
Book Club
Cinema Club
Debate Club
Digital Art and Drawing
Games Club
Jewish Heritage Club
Knitting and Crochet Club
Mental Health Awareness Club
Police Reform Project
Psychology Club
Sports History and Leadership