National Spanish Exam Winners

by Victoria Pevzner

This year a number of students across all grades of the Upper School have participated in the National Spanish Exam to great success! The National Spanish Exam is a nationwide standardized test that evaluates students’ abilities in the language based on the skills of reading, writing, grammar, and listening. The results are compared with schools across the country, and students are awarded medals based on their comparative success. In Ms. Pevzner’s ninth grade this year, taking the level one exam, Arielle Charles and Gabrielle Bolt received honorable mentions, Kenny Reyes received a bronze medal, and Brooke Thomas received a silver medal. In Ms. Magni’s tenth grade class, taking the level two exam, Josh Nierenberg earned an honorable mention, Tobias Rock and Cora Cooper received bronze medals, Eden McKinney, John Smith and Kaan Akbulut received silver medals, and Maya Slotnick and Jasper Vermot received gold medals! In Mr. Ahern’s eleventh grade class, taking the level three exam, Spencer Olshaker, Brette Moore, Ella Gometz and Mircia Cortez received honorable mentions, and Maeve O’Brien McKevitt received a bronze medal. In Ms. Pevzner’s twelfth grade Madeleine Johnston received an honorable mention. The winners received medals and certificates, and will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and juniors may apply to an all expense paid study abroad program. We commend all those who took the exam for their hard work and dedication, and extend an exuberant congratulations to all of the winners!