From York Prep Student to Film Producer: Caitlin Keating Premieres Documentary at Tribeca and Netflix

Class of 2007 alum Caitlin Keating is set to showcase her remarkable documentary, Take Care of Maya, at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival, followed by its release on Netflix. Keating's invaluable experiences during her time at York Prep, and throughout her time as a journalism student and reporter, have played a pivotal role in shaping her into a successful film producer.

Initially, Keating started high school at Beacon. However, she soon realized that she would benefit from smaller classes and a more personalized learning environment. This led her to enroll at York Prep, where she flourished under the guidance of experienced teachers and alongside supportive peers. Keating was actively involved in the school's track and field team, where she formed enduring friendships that were both competitive and supportive. She also participated in the debate team and the prom committee, honing her skills in event planning.

At York Prep, Keating excelled in English and Chemistry. Ms. Weniger, one of her favorite teachers, helped cultivate her passion for English. Keating also received invaluable guidance and support from Janet Rooney, who helped her navigate the complex college application process. Ms. Rooney was the most influential person in Keating's life at York Prep, providing her with the guidance and direction she needed to chart her course after high school. She often stopped into Ms. Rooney’s office just to chat during her free periods.

After graduating from York Prep, Keating attended the University of Indiana to study journalism. During her freshman year, she had the opportunity to document her life as a freshman for Seventeen Magazine. She continued as a freelance writer for Seventeen Magazine, while reporting for The Indiana University student newspaper. After an internship with Vogue Magazine, Keating knew that she wanted to work for a magazine after she graduated. Keating subsequently worked as a party reporter for The New York Observer, then became a reporter for Fortune Magazine after college, and eventually landing at People Magazine, where she spent eight years covering a range of human interest and crime stories. Her work often involved securing exclusive interviews, convincing people to share their stories with her.

Keating's expertise in video journalism proved invaluable when she started conducting on-camera interviews and hosted People’s first human interest show on People TV. She soon discovered that her true passion lay in producing documentaries. Keating eventually left her position at People and co-founded Wise Fool Productions, a production company focused on producing documentaries. The team pitched their first documentary, which would become Take Care of Maya, to Story Syndicate, which was picked up by Netflix.

Keating's extensive experience in journalism equipped her with the skills she needed to become a successful documentary producer. She learned that the key to producing a compelling documentary is to get people to open up and share their stories. Her journey from a York Prep student to a documentary film producer is a testament to her passion for journalism and storytelling, combined with her determination and hard work. Tickets to Take Care of Maya are available now.