Senior Scholars Projects

Every year, Scholars Programs seniors conclude their academic year with a capstone project. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, they research and complete a their projects. They then present their chosen topics to a panel of teachers.
This year, students have already presented the following topics:

Daniel Rosenkranz: New Tricks For an Old Dog; a Goal For Something New, a novella, Faculty mentor: Dr. Davis

Kimberly Pineda: Marketing and the Pet Industry: The Investigation of Psychology in Consumerism, Faculty Mentor: Ms. Aiello

Ryan Borkowsky: Uncovering the Historicity Behind Old Testament Stories and Legends, Faculty Mentor: Ms. Cox

Alex DeHaas: Bleeding Kansas: Disregard of the Government,  Faculty Mentor: Mr. Buckley

Rayanna Hines: Setball!: The Ultimate Fusion of Basketball and Volleyball, Faculty Mentor: Coach Horn