Sarah Lawrence High School Student Day

Sarah Lawrence College hosts an annual High School Student Day, where exceptional high school poetry students are invited to participate. However, due to the pandemic, this event has been on hold until April 19th of this year, when SLC finally held its first in-person event in three years. This year, Ms. Umansky invited three of her students, Sophia Martinez, Kaan Akubulut, and Ruthie LaTona, to attend the SLC High School Student Day. This event was led by the renowned poet, Jeffrey McDaniel, and consisted of various writing workshops, craft talks, and student readings, making it a thrilling day for the attendees.

Kaan Akbulut said, “ I enjoyed the event  and I loved how every one of the writers there was able to give me new insight into my writing. In the writing sessions. We spent a lot of time discussing new ways to brainstorm ideas for writing, new poetic techniques, and were introduced to new writers and poets. When everyone read their poems out loud, it was really intriguing to see everyone's different sense of creativity. This event also taught me that something so wonderful can bond many people. I learned that everyone has a different outlook on poetry that's why poetry will never die unless creativity dies.”
Ruthie LaTona remarked, “It was amazing  to attend High School Student Day and I found it really successful. I loved listening to other students my age read their work and I enjoyed getting feedback on my own writing. This event even inspired me to write fiction. I enjoyed it and am proud of my new writing skills! It was memorable.”

Sophia Martinez said, "The Sarah Lawrence Event was an unforgettable experience that reinforced my passion for literary art. I loved connecting with other people who appreciate writing just as much as I do, and it was so refreshing to write in an environment outside of school. I got so much insight into myself as a writer with the help of the teachers, but mostly with the help of the other students. The event exposed me to various writing styles and genres, but most importantly, it enriched my perception of human experience, both its beauty and its ugliness."