Genesis Wins First Prize

Congratulations to the Genesis staff and faculty advisors, Leah Umansky; Emily-Greta Tabourin; and Christina Cox, for earning a first-place award from the American Scholastic Press Association contest.  In previous years, Genesis has placed in the overall contest, but this year junior Owen Barbagallo won the first-place prize in the “Outstanding Photographer” category on behalf of Genesis.

“This is a huge testament to Emily Tabourin who does such a wonderful job with her Photography Club,” said Ms. Umansky. Ms. Tabourin dedicates herself to working with members of the Photography Club to develop their passion and skills as young photographers. The Photography Club provides so much of the artwork in each issue, and Ms. Tabourin helps the editorial team with both editing and layout. “Her critical eye is invaluable to our staff,” asserts Ms. Umansky. “I know she must be very proud to see the growth in Owen’s work as an artist.”
Scroll through the slideshow to see Owen's photos "Lantern Market Stall" and "White Overcoat", which appear in the Genesis 2021-22 issue. You can read the full issue of Genesis 2021-22 here.