Athletic Insider with Coach Turi: Taylor Perlmutter

New student Taylor Perlmutter is a senior who came to York Prep to win. He was drawn to York not only because of our Basketball State Champion title, but also for our strong academic support. He plans to keep up his high GPA, while winning the State Championship this year as a member of the Boys Varsity Basketball team. Read on as Coach Turi chats with him about his experience at York so far.

Turi: This is your first year at York, how have the first few months been so far? Community and academic wise? 
Taylor: The first few months at York have been really welcoming as the community has made the transition very easy and the teachers have been very helpful with the academics.

Turi: What attracted you to York Prep? 
Taylor: I was attracted to York because of their good academics that would prepare me for college. Also, the winning culture the basketball team had during their state championship season. 
Turi: Basketball season has excited are you for the upcoming season? 
Taylor: I’m very excited for the upcoming season with the intentions of winning states again this year. 
Turi: We've gone through some practices and team meetings, how have they gone so far?
Taylor: The practice and team meetings have gone really well so far because it seems like everyone is contributing positively to conversations and is picking up on how Coach Shure wants to play. 
Turi: What are you looking forward to most this season? 
Taylor: I’m looking forward to winning this season. Also, just enjoying my last high school basketball season and taking in all the great moments we’re going to have.
Turi: How would you describe your game? What type of player are you? 
Taylor: I would say I’m a combo guard who likes to attack the basket but can shoot it from anywhere. I feel like I’m an all around player on both the offensive and defensive side being able to guard all positions.
Turi: Off the court, what do you enjoy doing? 
Taylor: Off the court, I enjoy working out, listening to music, and spending time with my family. 
Rapid Fire Questions, one word answers:
Turi: Favorite NBA team? 
Taylor: Knicks
Turi: Favorite NBA Player (all-time or current)? 
Taylor: Kobe
Turi: Favorite school subject? 
Taylor: Math
Turi: Best lunch spot around York? 
Taylor: Teriyaki Truck
Turi: Instagram or TikTok? 
Taylor: Instagram