11th-Grader, Teddy Fitzsimons, Wins Medals in Qualifying Races for Youth Olympics Bobsledding Team

This week, Teddy Fitzsimons won two medals during the Team USA qualifying races for the Youth Olympics in Skeleton (part of the Bobsled federation and the oldest of the sliding sports). He will be moving on to compete in the finals, which take place in January.
Teddy’s first experience with the sport took place during a visit to Lake Placid three years ago. Prior to that, he was an undefeated wrestler in his weight class at Buckley for a number of years. He also won awards as a top gymnast in middle school, and was one of the fastest runners on the Buckley Track Team.
However, his ability to qualify for Team USA extends beyond his natural athletic talent. He also attributes this feat to hard work and discipline. He dedicated his time to train physically. At the same time, he even devoted himself to working on his one-of-a-kind sled.
During the qualifying finals, Teddy raced on a new sled he re-engineered himself.  Skeleton is a sport that requires the fine art of athletics and engineering. Athletes must fine tune their sleds so that they work in synch with both their physiques and the tracks that they race on. The sleds must also accommodate their steering styles.
Teddy has worked incredibly hard to get in shape, keep up with school work, and re-engineer his new sled. We are all proud him!