Riley Unterberg On the Importance of a Supportive Environment

What grade are you in? 

12th grade
When did you enter York Prep?
9th grade
What do you remember the most about entering York Prep during your first year? 

Going into my first year at York I was very nervous and shy. I was worried I would not make friends or fit in. However, the first day I realized how kind and accepting everyone was. It did not take long for me to make friends and feel comfortable. The teachers were also very supportive in my transition into a new school. They helped me with anything I was confused about and made sure to keep my stress levels low. 

What clubs/sports do you participate in?

Varsity volleyball, Social Justice Club, Community Service club, and ASL Club. I was first motivated to join the Social Justice Organization when I saw the small and welcoming environment of the club. When participating in the club, my goal is to have conversations with my peers about worldwide issues. 

Since ASL is one of my favorite classes, I was excited to join the club. In this club we learn about deaf culture, practice new signs, and play signing games. 
I was also asked to be a peer tutor after my jumpstart teacher, Ms. Brodsky, recommended me. My favorite part about peer tutoring is when I can help a student improve and motivate them to be more confident in their work. When I am tutoring, I encourage the student to do their work slowly and carefully, read over it, and show all their work. Additionally, I demonstrate for the student how they could accurately solve a problem, then I do it with them, and then suggest that they try it on their own. Lastly, a way that I will often tell them to study is to review practice problems, or to have someone quiz them. 

Tell us about your interests and hobbies outside of school?

Outside of school I love to spend time with my friends and family. Every winter I will go on a ski trip with my dad. I am also part of a baby-sitting organization, so that takes up a lot of my time. 

What has been your best memory here at York?

While I have so many amazing memories with my friends at York, my best memory is getting over my fear of public speaking and speaking at the panel in front of perspective parents. My teachers assured me and gave me the courage to do so.

If you could give yourself advice as a student entering York, what would it be?

Don't be afraid to advocate and ask for help. The teachers at York Prep will always be there for you and are happy to help. They want you to succeed.