Sophie Bohrer and Her Passion for Sports, Photography, Community Service, and Karaoke

What grade did you enter York Prep?

I entered York in the 10th grade

What do you remember the most about entering York Prep during your first year? 

I remember the students and teachers reaching out to make sure I had everything I needed and being so welcoming. 

What clubs/sports do you participate in?

I am part of the swim and track teams as well as Photography club, Community Service club, Karaoke Club and Yearbook. My favorite part of being in the Photography club is that I get to take photos each week and then in the club I get feedback and am able to learn from that feedback. The Community Service club gives me more of a chance to be a leader and help people and communities in need. For the Karaoke club, it's really fun to let go and watch other students sing–including Ms. Buchwald! I even sing. In Yearbook, it is really fun to be part of the senior class and take pictures of sports games and clubs. 

Tell us about your interests and hobbies outside of school.

Outside of school I am part of the Central Park Track club. In this club, I go to the Armory track at 7pm every Tuesday and Thursday. I always warm up by stretching and jogging two laps. Then I practice strides and run 3-5 times on the actual track. In meets, I compete in the 200m, 5x2 or 60m.  
My experience this summer running in and winning a medal in the Maccabiah Games was one of the most exciting and exhilarating experiences. When I went up to the podium with the three other girls to win the medal, I was so happy, and it was so cool to put the American flag around our shoulders. I am inspired to run because it is a huge outlet for me and releases stress and I am very passionate about running. 

What has been your best memory here at York?

My best memory at York has been Senior field day, when I went around with Remi and campaigned for senior president. 

If you could give yourself advice as a student entering York, what would it be?

If I could give myself advice as a student entering York, it would be to keep up with work and go to see your teachers. Even if you don’t think you need to, there is always a good reason to meet with them. It will help your grade.