York Prep Class of 2019 Graduate Maddy Rubler Talks About How Her Teachers at York Prep Inspired Her Pursue Her Passion

Syracuse freshman Maddy Rubler was inspired by her teachers at York Prep to pursue her passion for working with children. Her experience teaching American Sign Language to deaf children in New York City, paired with her mission to make a difference in the world, lead her towards her current goal of becoming a teacher. Read on to learn more about Maddy’s York Prep high school experience.

When did you enter York Prep? 
I entered York Prep as a freshman in the fall of 2015.
Why did you choose York Prep?
I chose York Prep because during my tour I felt very welcomed. I saw that York had a nurturing environment, yet was still large and bustling with activity. I loved the concept of the Jump Start program and believed I would benefit from the support.
What was your high school experience like at YP?
My high school experience at York Prep was amazing. I loved all my teachers and appreciated how much they cared about my education and happiness. I made amazing friends and really enjoyed the many clubs I participated in.
What was your favorite subject and what were you like in high school?
In high school, I was happy and passionate about learning. My two favorite subjects were History and American Sign Language.
Is there a person or defining moment that inspired you at York Prep to follow the path that you did?
At York prep, I took American Sign Language with Ms. Samolis and Mr. Abreu. They inspired me to work at a school for the deaf in New York City, which I did the summer before my senior year. I taught the children sign language and realized I wanted to be a teacher. I am now studying human development and family studies at Syracuse and hope to teach one day.
What advice would you give your high school self?
The advice I would give to my high school self is to take in every moment since it goes by way too fast.
What clubs and/or sports did you participate in?
At York Prep, I was president of the American Sign Language club. I also participated in the geography, photography, Paw, and Genesis clubs.
Who do you look up to at York?
At York I looked up to my 12th grade history teacher, Ms. Kennedy. I looked up to her because she opened my mind to how I can make a difference in the world. I would always look forward to her class and we would have lunch every Wednesday to talk about history. She really made time in her busy schedule to give me extra support. I felt like she was my biggest cheerleader.
What are three characteristics that you aspire to embody? How do you (and did you) apply these characteristics to your student life?
Three characteristics that I aspire to embody are passion, determination, and confidence. I felt passionate about my classes at York and determined to do well. At York, I gained confidence as a learner and knew through determination I could overcome my learning differences.
What did you do after you graduated from York Prep?
The summer after I graduated from York Prep, I worked at Dalton day camp with two - three year old children. I also took a math class to place out of a requirement in college.
How did you choose your college? Tell us about your journey there.
I attend Syracuse University. I chose Syracuse for the Human Development program at the Falk College because I knew it would be a good match for my interests. I have really loved my experience so far. I have made good friends and absolutely love the spirit in the Dome during football and basketball games.
What are some of your recent projects?
I am really focused on college right now.
What inspired you to pursue your current field of study?
The teachers at York inspired me go into the field of education and work with children.
What are your plans for the future?
In the future I hope to work in a school in New York City or enter the field of social work with a focus on young children.