Mission Statement

York Prep is a New York City independent school committed to guiding students in grades 6 through 12 to reach their maximum intellectual, social, and physical potential; and to prepare them for college and beyond. Compassionate educators creatively address the needs and interests of a diverse community, thereby appropriately supporting and challenging students as they progress through a traditional curriculum within a structured environment. York Prep encourages the development of lifelong learners who are responsible members of their community.

 York Preparatory School believes that:

  • The primary motivating force for a young person is the possibility of success.
  • Students are most likely to succeed when appropriately placed in classes which challenge them according to their skill level.
  • Students learn best when teachers and students act respectfully and ethically towards themselves and others.
  • Small classes enable teachers to work closely with their students, thus facilitating active engagement in the learning process.
  • Students who express themselves through participation in the school’s social life and in a wide range of extracurricular activities become multifaceted individuals.
  • Academic, social, and emotional support services help to meet students’ diverse needs.
  • Through a structured academic support program, students acquire skills to reach their academic potential, develop confidence in their abilities, and understand their own unique learning style so as to become capable self-advocates.
  • Offering supplementary enrichment to the most academically able students fosters genuine intellectual curiosity, deepens and expands students' understanding, and introduces them to exciting ideas, concepts, and themes.
  • Consistent and clear communication among students, parents, and teachers assures that all involved are working towards the same goals.
  • Ongoing professional development equips teachers to refine their skills and to address the needs of an academically diverse community.
  • Effective use of technology throughout the curriculum supports, enhances, and transforms instruction across disciplines.
  • Community service offers students the opportunity to learn about themselves within their world, to contribute to society, and to appreciate different perspectives.
  • An individualized and proven college guidance system places each student in a suitable college where he/she can be successful.