Joanna Domenicali-Shah

Education: Smith College – B.A.; University of Massachusetts Dartmouth – M.S.

Joanna Domenicali-Shah is a science teacher at York Prep. She grew up in New York State and attended Smith College where she earned a B.A. in Biology and Marine Science. After graduation, she worked for the Wildlife Conservation Society at the zoos and aquarium in New York City teaching high school students. She is currently finishing her masters at UMASS Dartmouth in Marine Science, investigating stress in sharks. This is her first year teaching at York Prep.

Ms. Domenicali-Shah enjoys reading, photography, and nature walks in Central Park. She has an interest in urban ecology, exploring how organisms learn to live in cities along with people. She hopes to see the coyotes that live in New York City at some point. She also has a great interest in microscopy work and created a website displaying the images she has taken of samples using light and electron microscopy. She enjoys traveling and has been to many places including India, South Africa, Botswana, Australia, Japan, and more; she hopes to travel even more in the coming years.