Jump Start

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The Jump Start program at York Prep assists students with different styles of learning or specific learning disabilities to function successfully in an academically challenging mainstream setting.

The Jump Start program is an integral part of the York Prep community. All Jump Start teachers are full-time faculty members of the school and have a background in Special Education. The Jump Start teachers act as case managers, providing both parents and fellow faculty members with valuable information about the student to help him/her succeed at York Prep.

Students targeted for the program are those having difficulty achieving their full potential in school solely because of problems in one or more of the following academic areas: language processing, reading, writing, math, time management skills, and organizational skills.

The director of the program matches students with a Jump Start teacher whose experience and expertise is best suited to the child’s academic needs. Typically, a Jump Start student will meet with his/her teacher prior to the beginning of each school day. During this morning check-in, the student receives assistance in preparing and organizing him/herself to ensure a smooth academic day. After school, Jump Start students meet with their teachers in a small group study hall where they can receive assistance with their homework and their progress can be monitored. The Jump Start teacher will help ensure that all assignments are written down in the student’s planner and the necessary materials are taken home each day.

Girl in special needs program at Manhattan private schoolThe most important aspect of York Prep’s Jump Start program is the two 40-minute individual sessions the student is assigned per week. During this instructional period, the student and teacher work together on developing the appropriate strategies to address the students’ academic challenges.

Jump Start’s ultimate goal is to facilitate students’ success and independence by helping them to recognize and develop their strengths and by giving them the tools to reach their academic potential.

Jump Start Highlights

Students acquire skills to reach their academic potential, develop confidence in their ability to achieve success, and understand their own unique learning style so as to become effective self-advocates.

Relationship-building between the Jump Start teacher and student allows the teacher to be sensitive and responsive to the student’s daily academic needs. Jump Start students receive consistent support, intellectual challenge, and the social and academic benefits of individualized and small group learning.

Organization is the foundation of Jump Start — from being prepared with necessary materials and prioritizing homework assignments to managing long-term projects and setting aside ample time to study. Study skills support York Prep’s interdisciplinary curriculum by providing students with appropriate strategies and techniques for organizing and applying information when preparing for assignments and tests.
Close communication between Jump Start teachers, classroom teachers, and administrators creates a consistent, well structured, and highly individualized Jump Start experience for each student.