At York Prep we take pride in being inclusive, open, and accessible to our students. Nearly every member of the York Prep leadership team teaches a class and/or serves as an advisor to a student club. This hands-on approach creates an environment where our leaders are driven by the development and changing needs of our students.
    • Jayme Stewart, Director of College Guidance and Ronald Stewart, Headmaster

Headmaster Ronald Stewart and Director of College Guidance Jayme Stewart founded York Prep 50 years ago. Their goal was to establish a structured, compassionate private school that would challenge its students and enable them to achieve academic and personal success. York Prep has consistently exceeded their expectations. The Stewarts continue to serve as an integral part of York Prep. You can spot their smiling faces in the hallways of the school on any given school day. You may also find our Headmaster teaching the senior Ethics class, and our Director of College Guidance working extensively with students on their paths towards college.
The Deans and Directors work collaboratively to create an environment that promotes high educational standards, as well as personal development and growth; their focus is always on the students.

Leadership Bios

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  • Richard Abba

    Director of Technology
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  • John Beich

    Director of Inclusive Education & Deputy Head of Student Enrollment
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  • Brendan Buckley, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

    Brendan Buckley

    Director of Curriculum & Instruction
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  • Jeremy Clarke, Deputy Headmaster

    Jeremy Clarke

    Deputy Headmaster
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  • Middle School Dean

    Barry Cleckley

    Middle School Dean
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  • David Leventhal, 11th Grade Dean

    David Leventhal

    11th Grade Dean & College Guidance
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  • Kathryn Maggiotto

    Dean of Faculty
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  • Maria Morley

    Chair, Jump Start Department
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  • Evelyn Rowe-Cosentino

    Chair, Student Services, Mentoring
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  • Janet Rooney

    12th Grade Dean, Co-Director of College Guidance & Director of Summer School
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  • Brian Shure

    9th & 10th Grade Dean
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  • Education: Barnard College – B.A.; Columbia University

    Jayme Stewart

    Director of College Guidance
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  • Oxford University - B.A., M.A., B.C.L.

    Ronald Stewart

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