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Scholars Program

The York Prep Scholars Program, a three-year enrichment sequence leading to a York Prep School Degree with Honors, addresses the needs of our most academically able students with a rigorous and exciting curriculum. The program provides the opportunity, motivation, and support for these students to achieve academic success at the upper range of their potential, thereby reaching the level of true excellence. The Scholars Program fosters genuine intellectual curiosity and a general sense in the participants that “I can!” since Scholars Program students are expected to set high goals and achieve them.

Entrance to the program is selective: only 10-15% of our 10th, 11th and 12th graders are invited to join. Participating students satisfy certain general criteria as well as develop individual projects. Scholars Program students attend two ongoing special seminars each quarter, meeting once per week. Those who engage the whole sequence will have completed 20 seminars by the time of their graduation. In addition, senior scholars meet periodically with the Director of the Scholars Program for one-on-one sessions to develop their Senior Scholars’ Projects. We recently expanded the program by offering an enhanced pre-scholars curriculum to qualified 8th and 9th graders. Beginning in the second quarter, they participate in a two-year pre-scholars sequence that closely mirrors the established one for the 10th through 12th Grades.

The Scholars Program aims to both deepen and expand our students’ understanding of their standard honors curriculum and to introduce new and exciting ideas, concepts, and themes. Units on such topics as “Neuroscience,” “Italian Renaissance Art,” “Statistics,” and “Shakespeare Performance” are presented independently in mini-courses taught by members of the faculty who focus on their particular intellectual passions and specialties.

We remain very proud of our Scholars and continue to take great satisfaction in watching them stretch their academic and creative muscles. In addition to the intrinsic benefits of their enhanced curriculum, our scholars also receive a gratifying degree of recognition in the form of college acceptances to some of the best schools in the nation.

Recent Senior Scholars’ Projects

  • Baseball: America’s “Pure” Pastime
  • National Security Strategy: The Post 9/11 Era
  • The Business of Major League Soccer: A Plan for Success
  • Black in Baseball: A Historical View of Segregation in the Major Leagues
  • York Prep: A Cinematic Portrait
  • A Journal of Drawing: A Combined Visual Arts and Creative Writing Project
  • The Causes of the Great Depression
  • “La Mafia”: Its Roots and Early Development
  • Six Letters from an Illustrated Fantasy Alphabet: An Art and Graphic Design Project
  • Going Home: A Cinematic Exploration of My Family History
  • The Unaffecting Daydream: Five Scenes from a Drama
  • Grand Theft Auto III: The Art Behind the Controversy
  • Planning Your Sweet Sixteen: The First Seven Chapters and the Outline of a Book