–Mother of a student in Class of 2018

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“My husband and I are thrilled that our son has been accepted to Wesleyan University, Early Decision.

York Prep was there for us when the public school system failed us by placing our high-scoring son in a low-scoring middle school (“to help bring up the scores” of that school).”

From the moment he arrived at York as a lively, bouncy Sixth Grader, we knew that this was the right learning environment for him. Mr. Roper, I can’t thank you enough for harnessing his extra energy when he stayed after school to study. And we are grateful to you for nourishing his deep love of history and for challenging him by including him in excursions with older students and letting him test his knowledge with exams meant for students in higher grades.

As we have watched him mature into an even more focused, dedicated learner than he already was, we have been so pleased with the teachers York Prep has enabled him to have. Every single one, with their different styles and approaches, has left an indelible mark on him.

And Mrs. Stewart, thank you so much for making the college application process as painless as possible for all of us!

We are so glad that York Prep was the right fit for our son and that his experiences under your roof have prepared him so well for this next exciting chapter.

Thank you–and every single one of his other teachers and the rest of the staff–especially Carl!–for everything you have done for him.

Mother of a student in Class of 2018 December 14, 2017