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  • UC Berkeley Computer Science Major and Ultra Marathon Runner Alexander Khazatsky Talks About Defining Moments

    Alexander Khazatsky, a.k.a. Sasha may be a junior at the University of California, Berkeley, but his CV already reads like the next Silicon Valley superstar. During his senior year at York Prep his math teacher, Ms. Povshko, helped him discover his passion for computer science. Since then he has accomplished so much in the field. Some of his achievements include acceptance into CoRL 2019 for “Contextual Imagined Goals for Self-Supervised Robotic Learning”—he even presented at the conference in Japan this winter. He also received the Outstanding Paper Award for “Pocket Planet” among 100+ teams, was awarded fourth place amongst thousands in an AI course for developing an intelligent teammate for PacMan, ranked top 5% in 400 team competition to develop approximation algorithm for an NP-Complete problem, and designed tree visualizer used by thousands of CS students as part of course material. He also happened to be the youngest instructor on record at the UC Berkeley EECS Department and served on the review committee for ICML 2019. Read on to learn about Sasha’s path to UC Berkeley.
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  • William Van Der Rhoer, Who Views the World Through the Eyes of A Camera Lens, On How He Plans to Revolutionize City Living

    William Van Der Rhoer is a high school student with a vision. When you walk through the halls of York Prep, you can see his creative vision via some of his framed photographs that adorn the walls. His perspective is unique—he sometimes zooms in on a subject so that the viewer takes on an unexpected point of view. His compositions are often poetic. Read on to learn more about William’s inspiration and how he plans to apply his photography skills towards his other passions.
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  • Division 1 Top-ranked Fencer Ethan Kushnerik Strives For The Best

    Ethan Kushnerik is an elite athlete who dedicates his time and energy towards honing his fencing skills while consistently making the Honor Roll as a York Prep student. In 2016, Ethan won the Youth Men’s Pan American and was the North American Champion in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. In points, he has consistently been ranked number one in the USA in Men’s Youth Epee. He is now a “cadet” fencer, which is the category for the under 17s. As the youngest member of the USA Cadet Team, he and his team won the World Team Championships in Klagenfurt, Austria, in late October. In January he placed third in the Men’s division N. American Cup in Charlotte North Carolina. This month he will be traveling to Slovakia to compete in the International Fencing Federation World Cup.  
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  • Middle School President Emma Centeno on How The Student Government Gives Back

    Eighth-grade student Emma Centeno entered York Prep in sixth grade, and has made valuable friendships and gained a vast amount of knowledge from her teachers since then. As middle school president, she works towards addressing the issues of her fellow students. Read on to find out more about Emma’s middle school experience at York Prep.
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  • York Prep Class of 2019 Graduate Maddy Rubler Talks About How Her Teachers at York Prep Inspired Her Pursue Her Passion

    Syracuse freshman Maddy Rubler was inspired by her teachers at York Prep to pursue her passion for working with children. Her experience teaching American Sign Language to deaf children in New York City, paired with her mission to make a difference in the world, lead her towards her current goal of becoming a teacher. Read on to learn more about Maddy’s York Prep high school experience.
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  • Pianist Johnson Li, Who Has Performed Under the Batons of World-Class Conductors and Has Received Praise From Musicians including Christoph Eschenbach and Lang Lang, Gracefully Balances Student Life With His Lifelong Pursuit of Communicating Through Music

    Johnson Li started playing piano at the age of four because he loved (and still loves) music. His prolific list of performances as a pianist attests to his talent and dedication. Here is a rundown of some of his accomplishments:
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  • The Importance of Kindness, Ambition, and Keeping an Open Mind According to Class of 2019 Valedictorian, Maya Fuchs-Bortolami

    Maya Fuchs-Bortolami, a skilled photographer and rising star in the art world, will always remember her proudest moment at York Prep. This moment took place when she delivered her class of 2019 valedictorian speech after Lin-Manuel Miranda’s York Prep commencement address. In addition to this crowning moment, Maya also looks back at some other highlights from her time at York Prep. Read on the learn more!
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  • Phillip Winter: Historical Costume Designer, Athlete, and Scholar Who Was a Founding Member of the Shakespeare Club, Historical Costume Club, German Club, and York Prep Swim Team

    York Prep is excited to present our new “Student Stories” page on our website! Every month you can read a new student profile where students talk about their experiences as students at York, as well their interests and co-curricular projects.

    This month we chat with Philip Winter, who entered York as a freshman and is currently a junior. He has been active in many student clubs and sports teams. He recently played a lead role in the fall production Almost, Maine, and is also a seasoned historical costume designer and constructor, whose work has been exhibited throughout the country. Read on to learn more about Philip.
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