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Welcome to the Counselor's Corner. Please check back every month to learn more as Ms. Evelyn, Dr. Tennant, and Ms. Aiello address and explore topics that are currently top-of-mind. This month, you can read about helping your children to navigate remote learning.

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  • Helping Your Child To Navigate Remote Learning

    Dear Parents,
    As we respond to the increasing COVID-19 positivity rates in New York City, we continue to think of our students and want to share some resources on how best to support them with remote learning.

    Establish a schedule
    Help your child establish a schedule for remote learning. This provides students with a sense of predictability of what to expect each day. It also promotes healthy sleep schedules, nutrition, and physical health.
    Establish a dedicated space for school
    If space permits, it is recommended that students have a designated space for remote school. It is important to keep this space organized so students have access to what they need throughout the school day. Headphones can be helpful to reduce distractions.
    Incorporate “transitions”
    In our pre-covid lives, we had many transitions throughout our day such as the commute to and from school, the ring of the school bell between classes, a lunch break, etc. to delineate a change in events and shifted mindset. Encourage your children to incorporate transitions into their day when possible. For example, at the end of the school day, go for a walk to help shift the energy from classes onto evening routines, hobbies and play.
    Validate their experiences
    Providing validation about your child’s experiences can make them feel supported. Provide opportunities for your child to share their thoughts and feelings with you about remote learning.
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Counselor's Corner

Meet the York Prep Counseling and Wellness Team
Evelyn Rowe-Cosentino

Evelyn Rowe-Cosentino is a psychotherapist licensed as a Creative Arts Therapist and certified as a group psychotherapist and mother-daughter coach. She has a private practice in the heart of New York City where she also serves as a clinical consultant to the Alvin Ailey dance company and facilitates workshops on adolescent development.
Ms. Rowe-Cosentino received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Joseph’s College and her Master’s degree from New York University. She is trained in Psychoanalysis, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Trauma focused therapy which includes treatment with first responders and children and families following our country’s tragedy on 9-11.
Ms. Rowe-Cosentino has over 30 years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and families. Her areas of expertise are depression, anxiety, ADHD, childhood trauma, substance abuse, and family systems work, with extensive experience working on both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric units with severely mentally ill patients.
Ms. Rowe-Cosentino is a seasoned clinician who provides her students with a warm, welcoming and safe place to thrive. She is a working mother who cherishes her time with her family.  She also practices yoga and Pilates in her downtime and enjoys the outdoors.   
Elizabeth Aiello

Elizabeth Aiello is native to the New York City area. She is a passionate educator in the field of mental health and student support services. Ms. Aiello received her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Hispanic Studies at Connecticut College and her Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work at Columbia University. Since 2013, Ms. Aiello has been a social worker and school counselor, mindfully leading students, faculty, and parents through personal and school-based challenges. Throughout her career, Ms. Aiello has expanded her expertise in managing school crises, teaching restorative practices, establishing parent partnerships, and developing academic and behavioral interventions that meet the individual needs of the student. Ms. Aiello views counseling youth as her life's work, and believes education can be the avenue through which empathy, healing, and justice are promoted. Ms. Aiello threads her mission for human rights through her counseling, mentorship, and volunteer endeavors. Ms. Aiello spends her spare time with her new baby & husband taking many walks and enjoying all that New York has to offer.
Dr. Rachel Tennant

Dr. Tennant is a psychologist who is passionate about working with children, adolescents, and families. She obtained her B.A. in Psychology at Rollins College and PhD in School Psychology from Northeastern University. Dr. Tennant has received extensive training across a multitude of settings including school systems, outpatient clinics, day treatment programs, and inpatient settings. She specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy and other evidence-based treatments that target a wide range of social-emotional, academic, and behavioral needs. She enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and friends, being outdoors, and traveling during her free time.