Parents Association

Welcome! The Parents Association (PA) at York Preparatory School exists to strengthen the sense of community at the school among students, parents, school administrators, and faculty. The PA’s self-appointed responsibilities include making sure that all families, new and old, feel welcome in the York Prep community, have a way to communicate with one another through the publication of periodic updates to the schoolwide Student Directory, and have enough information about how the community “works” so that they feel included in every aspect of school life.

The administration appoints co-chairs of the PA and representatives for each grade on an annual basis. Through the leadership of the PA Co-Chairs and Grade Reps, the PA develops initiatives relevant to each academic year and each grade level. From this agenda, committees are formed on an as-needed basis.

The York Prep Parents Association works closely with the administration and faculty to support the school community in areas that don’t typically fall within the purview of academic studies. In addition, the PA, from time to time, will sponsor special activities such as a career exploration event in which parents volunteer their time to share their insights about the careers they have chosen, showing students how they might begin to pursue building skills toward a career in various fields.

The PA, through its grade reps and various committees, maintains awareness of the York Prep community and its needs as they arise. In order to fulfill the needs and interests of York Prep families, the PA may sponsor speakers and programs that seem helpful to parents and/or students; may organize support groups on various issues; may organize social gatherings, such as the annual International Dinner; and may engage in a multitude of activities that serve to strengthen and foster a strong sense of community at York Prep.

More information for the Parents Association can be obtained here, on Edline. (Edline login required)