York Welcomes an Array of New Faculty Members

It is time to begin a new school year, to catch up with old friends, and to make new ones. Every September offers a unique opportunity for students to meet a great deal of new classmates but this September brings with it a chance to meet a large number of new teachers as well. Joining the illustrious York Prep faculty this fall are sixteen new and widely diverse teachers with experience in nearly every subject area. In fact these teachers’ unique professional experiences and personal hobbies make each of them a perfect fit for the community at York.

Some of this year’s new teachers have particularly interesting stories and passions to share with their students. Many have traveled the world, like art and technology teacher Ms. Lina Akula, who has taught in South Korea, India and Lebanon. In fact, most of the teachers entering York have professed a love for travel, whether it’s European vacations over winter break or long term relocations. Ms. Emily Tabourin, who will be teaching both history and French, has previously lived and worked in St. Petersburg, Russia as an interpreter for the Mariinsky Ballet.

Quite a few of these new faculty members might also find ways to add their passions for athletics to the school community. Whether by coaching a team or advising a new club, these avid athletes may be able to teach students a few things outside of the classroom too. Like rock climbing, dodge ball, or maybe ultimate Frisbee? Well so do three of this year’s new Jump Start teachers!

So this year, students certainly shouldn’t hesitate to get to know their teachers! As always, York is promising a faculty that is as diverse and interesting as its student body!