York Raises Funds for Charity All Year Round

For many children around the world, ghouls and goblins are a lot less frightening than the daily need for food and clothing. This Halloween, York Prep School helped ameliorate this real-life horror by participating in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, a fundraising campaign that assists children in developing countries who can’t afford necessities like clothing, school supplies, immunizations, and nutritional supplements. The UNICEF campaign is just one example of how year-round charity fundraising efforts create greater social consciousness among the students at York, an esteemed NY private school.


At York Prep, civic engagement is woven into the fabric of its students’ educational experience. York Prep’s community service requirement for graduation is 25 hours per year of high school attendance. Many students amass much more than the requisite 100 hours by the time they become seniors.


During November, York Prep participated in Common Cents’ Penny Harvest. For several years, York students have been filling up sacks with small change, with homerooms competing for a breakfast reward. The harvested coins become grant funds for community organizations chosen by the students.


Also in November, York Prep honored Veterans Day by monetarily supporting the Yellow Ribbon Foundation’s initiatives on behalf of in-need veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. Students carried out a Thanksgiving food drive and will embark on a coat donation project for the Yorkville Common Pantry, New York City’s largest community-based food pantry.


Throughout 2008, students at this private school in New York have participated in charitable projects such as AIDS Walk New York and the Revlon Run/Walk, which provides backing for the fight against women’s cancers. To raise money for AIDS relief via AVSI/Meeting Point in Kampala, Uganda, York Prep students recently paid $2.00 to “dress down” and bought AIDS Awareness wristbands and handmade necklaces made by Ugandan women. After the school matched the amount collected from the sale, the total came to more than $2,000.