York Prep’s Annual Probability Fair

The 3rd Annual Probability Fair was a huge success! Organized and spearheaded by Ms. Jillian Schmidt, the students always enjoy this project at the end of the year, as it is a fun way to wrap up the unit on probability.

Students are instructed to create a carnival-inspired game and calculate the probability of winning the game. The students then organize and analyze all of their data and create a trifold poster displaying their work. The fair is run similar to a carnival, as students display their game and poster at their own “booth”. It is so rewarding for the students to be able to show off all of their hard work to teachers and students and watch how enjoyable something they created is for their peers.

Ms. Schmidt states, “This has definitely been one of my favorite memories here at York and I cannot express how proud I am of my students for making this such a success!” A wonderful job and congratulations to Ms. Jillian Schmidt on another successful probability fair!