York Prep Makes It “Into the Woods”

Is there such a thing as happily ever after? Do wishes really come true? The answer to these age-old questions was a resounding “yes” when York Prep presented its spring musical Into the Woods, Jr. on May 2 and 3 at the nearby Marjorie S. Deane Little Theatre at the West Side YMCA. The popular Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine musical included well-known songs, such as “Giants in the Sky,” “Agony,” and “It Takes Two.”

The production was directed and choreographed by drama teacher Maria Getz. Music teacher Gina Costanza helmed the musical direction; Art teacher Karl Hartman designed and constructed the set. With a cast and crew of students in grades 6-12 as well as two faculty cameos, the production featured both veterans and newcomers to the York Prep stage as well as standout farewell performances by seniors Cole Lumpkin and Gabe Skoletsky.

The story is told by the narrator (9th grader Lucas Mollod) and follows well-known fairy tale characters on their individual quests for their “happily ever after.” The baker and his wife, played by Cole Lumpkin and 9th grader Molly Model, will stop at nothing to have a child. Cinderella, played by junior Taryn Briskin, wants to go to the ball and meet her Prince Charming (fellow junior Matt Vitale). Rapunzel (9th grader Hailey Corral) longs to see the world and be with her prince (8th grader Trevor Viscardi) after being locked in a tower most of her life by her adoptive mother, the Witch (9th grader Samia Finnerty). Along the way, the baker and his wife must collect items in order to rid themselves of the spell, cast on them by the witch, which has rendered them barren. The items include Rapunzel’s hair, Little Red Riding Hood’s (9th grader Isabel Greenberg) cape, and Jack’s (Gabe Skoletsky) beloved cow Milky White.

The cast was rounded out by several supporting characters, including Cinderella’s step-mother (8th grader Nieve Ferguson) and step-sisters (6th graders Olivia Heskett and Talya Lubit), Jack’s mother (8th grader Emma Benten), the Mysterious Man (9th grader Sarah Calaman), the Steward (9th grader Ruby Zolot) and Granny/Cinderella’s mother (9th grader Jordan Isaacs). The ensemble included several “forgotten fairy-talers” making cameo appearances, such as Snow White, Peter Pan and the Three Little Pigs.

It was indeed a happy ending for the dedicated and close-knit cast and crew, who put in three months of rehearsals both after school and on weekends. “Working on the musical has been a great experience and one I hope to continue,” said newcomer Trevor Viscardi. “It was fun working with all of the other kids and Ms. Getz.” Fellow newcomer Nieve Ferguson added, “It was hard work, but it was all worth it in the end. I’ll be pretty lost after school for the rest of the school year!”