York Prep Graduation Video Coming Soon!

Yet another school year has drawn to a close and as all of our students and teachers begin their exciting summer vacations, we look back on our end of year celebrations. The biggest celebration marking the end of the school year at York Prep is our graduation ceremony. This year, the senior class left their mark by saying goodbye with grace and laughter. The 2018 commencement exercises were filled with heartfelt reminiscences and hilarious jokes as well as pertinent advice from the headmaster, Mr. Ronald Stewart, and guest speaker, actor Christopher Jackson.

If you are a friend of a 2018 York Prep graduate, a relative who couldn’t make it to the ceremony, or a recent alum and college undergrad, still swamped with finals when May 24th rolled around, we’ve got you covered. Whoever you maybe and for whatever reason you might have missed this year’s graduation ceremony, worry not, York Prep’s commencement exercises will be ready for viewing soon! You can read the headmaster’s address in his June thoughts or watch a look back on the 2017-2018 school year  below.

A Look Back 2017 -2018 from York Prep School on Vimeo.