York Prep Featured Volunteer – May

Ian, a York Prep junior, is committed to the notion of community service; he invariably is working on a service project of one type or another. He stopped recording his hours long ago (over 200 hours) and continues purely because of the personal reward he derives.

To Ian, serving “is like filling a void that nothing else can fulfill. I suggest everyone get out there and serve so that they, too, can experience the joy of helping people and contributing in making a difference.”

Ian has dedicated himself to Children for Children, a non-profit organization which promotes hands-on youth volunteering, community involvement, and civic engagement in children. As a committee member, he helps plan events and fundraisers where parents can participate with their children in activities that bring them back to the idea of “community” and an awareness of our environment. For example, during the recent celebration of National and Global Youth Service Day, Ian ran his own environmental awareness booth with coloring books he created and illustrated for Children for Children. The books were distributed also at local children’s hospitals.