York Hosts 2nd AIDS Awareness Assembly/Fundraiser

To promote AIDS Awareness at York, the Radius Club invited Vicky Aryenyo from Uganda to speak at an all-school assembly on February 24. Through two very successful bake sales, the Radius Club was able to buy a plane ticket for Vicky to come to New York.

Vicky is a patient of Meeting Point International, a center created to help and care for patients with HIV/AIDS and their families.  Vicky spoke about her struggle with AIDS and her encounter with volunteers from Meeting Point who helped her and her children rediscover the value and beauty of life.  “Every time I welcome sick people at the center I tell them that the value of life is greater than the virus that they carry inside them,” said Vicky. “This feeds the hope of a person that suffers and is dying and brings him or her back to life.”

Her entire audience was deeply engaged and moved by her story. At the end of the talk students and teachers asked very thought provoking questions.

The day of the assembly, students wore red for AIDS Awareness and paid $2.00 to dress down to collect money for Vicky and the women and children of Meeting Point. Students raised additional funds by purchasing Ugandan necklaces and bracelets handcrafted by the women of Meeting Point. Vicky received a total of $700.00 to bring back to Uganda.

The members of the Radius Club, along with faculty sponsors Ms. Ciantia and Mrs. Vega, are very grateful to York Prep for all the support.