York has fun at Fun Home

Ms. Lee Pinkas’ 12th grade English class along with Mr. Thomas Hodges’ Music Appreciation students were treated to an exciting outing to Broadway on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 6. What could bring English and music students to Broadway in the middle of the week? None other than the Tony-award-winning musical Fun Home! After reading the New York Times bestselling graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel from which this critically acclaimed show was adapted,  Ms. Pinkas’ class began working on their own graphic projects. The chance to see a matinee performance of the show likely provided a great deal of inspiration for them as well as for Mr. Hodges’ students.

Fun Home the coming of age story of a young lesbian artist living near the funeral home run by her father, a closeted high school teacher in rural Pennsylvania. Alison is played by three actresses of different ages, including Tony nominee Beth Malone as the narrator, with 2015 Tony Award winner Michael Cerveris as Bruce Bechdel and Rebecca Luker as his once-idealistic wife, whose dreams deflated in the face of her husband’s secret life. The entire play tackles a slew of themes familiar to many american teens, including  sexual orientation, gender roles, suicide, emotional abuse, and dysfunctional family life. Hopefully the students enjoyed seeing Fun Home as much as they enjoyed reading it, but considering the reviews we can’t imagine why they wouldn’t have.