York Goes Pink for a Cause


Across the country October is recognized as breast cancer awareness month and groups of people of all ages are doing their part to help in the fight against breast cancer. Means for raising awareness of this terrible disease vary greatly but most a familiar with the breast cancer walks that happen nationwide (like the Strides Against Breast Cancer walk that occurred in nearby Central Park on October 18) and the pink ribbons many wear to show their support. This month, the students and faculty at York Prep also joined in with their own efforts to raise awareness. For Friday October 23, the entire school was asked to wear pink in solidarity and the results were pretty heartwarming. Students of every grade got pretty creative with their outfits, from khakis to cool socks, sweaters, dresses and tank tops, the halls were a sea of pink. Even teachers got in on the fun! Those who happened to forget we not left out as pink feather boas, Mardi Gras beads and stickers found their way from homeroom to homeroom.  

Wearing pink, however, was only half of the day’s aim. The other goal of the Same Sky On Campus Club, the group who planned the day, was to raise money for a charitable donation. During the third period break there was a bake sale of epic proportions hosted in the school lobby. Sweet treats were enjoyed by all and at the end of the 16 minutes everyone returned to their classes having done a good deed for the cause. If you are interested in making a difference or donating toward breast cancer research, awareness or prevention there are a number of organizations throughout the country eager for your contribution. 

wear pink