York Goes Global with Festive Dinner

York Prep’s gym was transformed on Wednesday, November 17th into a venue filled with food and music from around the world on the occasion of the school’s Second Annual International Dinner. The evening, planned by Parents’ Event Coordinator Lisa Smith, was a wonderful display of York Prep’s school spirit. Everyone pulled together to help make the event both successful and enjoyable.


Parents and students contributed authentic food from different countries, such as vegetable wraps from Kuwait, Chinese pork bun rolls, Dominican cakes, Japanese bubble tea, Puerto Rican pasteles, French pastries, and pirogues from Poland.


Drama teacher Maria Getz prepared seventh grade students to present a scene based on a Chinese myth about the sun and the moon. Sheri Cicero, Chair of the Music Department, led the 7th grade African drum circle in a spirited performance. History teacher Eric Tull and Spanish teacher Vivian Barondess organized Dance Club members, who danced the Caribbean salsa, while parent Linda Richards performed a sinuous tango with her dance partner, Dennis Lynch.


Upper school students volunteered their time for community service hours to set up and help out during the event. Musicians Cole (11th grade) and Dashiell (12th grade) played the electric piano to entertain guests; photographers Roger and James, both juniors, took pictures of the festivities.


A special thank you to members of the Parents Association, particularly Mrs. Anne Rees, the 7th Grade Parent Representative, who dedicated her time to ensuring that the event was a success; and to Ms. Darlene Cordero, 7th Grade Parent Representative, who enthusiastically contributed her time and efforts to help set up for the event.