York Community Celebrates an Evening of the Arts

Thursday, May 7,  teachers of the Art Department, Ms. Cora Kolosso, Mr. Kart Hartman, and Mr. Sebastian Pinaud collected the works of their various students to create a veritable art gallery in the Pantherdome. Consisting of pieces of every conceivable media, the displayed artwork showcased the creativity and talent of students from both the middle and upper school. 

Mr. Pinaud and Ms. Kolosso, along with a select few students, manned a table where they created and sold silk screen tee shirts using original student designs. Other woks exhibited included alternate history postcards, self portraits, cardboard instruments, Photoshop collages, paintings and ceramics. There was even an arcade station that featured fully-functioning video games created by 9th graders in class and available for anyone to play online.

The support of the York Prep community means a lot to the artists who so tirelessly dedicate themselves to their work and spend a great deal of time in the art room. The students and art teachers alike were very thankful for the great turnout for this annual event and seemed to have an enjoyable time sharing their creations and designs. The Evening of the Arts, however, is an event that supports more than just the visual arts at York, but also incorporates the performing arts as well.

Towards the end of the night, a select few students performed a number of songs for those in attendance, including a few Broadway numbers and even an student-written song entitled “Woodchuck.” One of the highlights of the evening was a heartwarming rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” that was accompanied by a sign language interpretation. 

Anyone who was unable to attend this year’s Evening of the Arts will get another opportunity to see some of the artwork as many of the pieces will be featured in next year’s school calendar. Everyone, however, should look forward to attending this very special event next year to see just what else the arts at York have in store!