York Attends Ivy League Model U.N. Conference

After leaving school at noon on Thursday, January 28, York Prep’s Model United Nations team spent the long weekend at an intense academic competition. This week they returned from participating in the 32nd Ivy League Model United Nations Conference in Philadelphia, sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania with a great collection of experiences and memories. Those busy four days saw a team of 22 delegates working with nearly 3,500 students from across the country and around the world to develop solutions to problems as varied as the rise of economic protectionism to the arms trade of advanced weapons to the spread of nuclear technology.


This year, York’s delegates were representing the countries of the Philippines and Norway. Additionally, two of our delegates had seats on the Crisis Committees, historical committees that dealt with the rise of Kublai Khan, the Spanish Civil War, and Apartheid. Students emerged from the trip with a better understanding of the problems facing our world today, and armed with some of the ideas and skills necessary to help overcome these problems.