WYRK is Here!

Good morning Panthers!

WYRK presents what they consider to be “a fairly special episode” according to club faculty advisor Mr. Lane Choplin. “We don’t usually do too much in the way of politics, but after getting two scripts from kids that didn’t simply take a candidate’s side, but expressed an overall frustration with the state of our political system, it was hard to say no,” explained Mr. Choplin in the release of the Friday, October 14 episode.

Between presenting fun moments from last month’s school-wide assembly and a new segment called “Goofin of with a GoPro,” the middle schooler’s of WYRK express their frustration in watching our electoral process unfold as well as their doubts of whether our leaders are the best and brightest among us. Check out Dylan and Bennett’s take on the current situation, their call for civility, and their endorsement of an inanimate object in “The One Where Dylan and Bennett Take Over”