Would You Like S’More?

Recently in her 10th grade chemistry classes, Science Teacher Ms. Ruby Disko, invited her students to make s’mores over the lab’s Bunsen burners to demonstrate stoichiometry. In earlier classes they had been learning the ins and outs of chemical reactions and this proved a great opportunity to practice predicting the products based on a specific ratio of “ingredients.” One important component to any chemical reaction is measuring how much of each “ingredient” is used and how much of the end product is produced.

Chemical reactions only happen in very specific ratios, similar to Ms. Disko’s WORLD FAMOUS S’MORE recipe! Students took turns predicting how many s’mores they could make given a plate with mixed ingredients. Once they figured it out they got to put their work to the test and actually roasted marshmallows over their flaming Bunsen burners (don’t try this at home); for some it was their first s’more! Ms. Risko made sure each student knew this method wouldn’t hold a candle to the classic campfire s’more, but all agreed it was a close second.