Windham Mountain Welcomes York Ski & Snowboarding Club

Thirty-seven students from grades 7-11 trekked to Windham Mountain in upstate New York for York’s annual Ski and Snowboard Club trip on Saturday, January 24. The group, chaperoned by Ms. Campo, Mr. Broadus, and Ms. Holzer, began the trip full of excitement; some even arrived at the departure point at 4:30 a.m. (half an hour early!) as their enthusiasm acted as an alarm clock.

The one-day excursion accepted skiers with a broad range of experience. Participants who had never skied or snowboarded before were required to take a ski or snowboard lesson at the start of the day. Those who wanted to refresh their skills could also take a lesson; otherwise, the seasoned skiers and snowboarders could immediately hit the trails.

It was a beautiful day at Windham Mountain—lots of sunshine and crisp mountain air with temperatures hovering in the 10-20 degree range.

The bus ride, which took a little more than three hours each way, provided time for students to bond and form new friendships. “A good time was had by all,” said Ms. Campo.

York would love to see more students attend next year, pros as well as first-timers. Students who skied or boarded for the first time this year developed strong beginner techniques as a result of the lesson at the start of the day (including Mr. Broadus!).