What’s New in the York Prep Library?

…and, for that matter, who’s new in the York Prep Library? Maria Alegre was recently appointed school librarian/media specialist at York Prep. “My main objective is to continue to keep the library up to date and relevant for the students,” said Ms. Alegre.


Besides acquiring bestselling and award-winning books for teens and incorporating diverse materials–such as graphic novels and audio books—into the collection, she plans to highlight books recommended by individual students and faculty members and to integrate new formats including electronic resources and eBooks.

Plans are also underway to install a display case for the myriad artifacts—from an indentured servant’s contract on the original calfskin to an actual piece of the first transatlantic cable—that History teacher Jack Stanley has loaned the school from his personal collection.

As part of her mission to keep our library current, Ms. Alegre has formulated the York Prep Library Contribution Policy, which is as follows:


The York Prep School Library appreciates the many contributions it receives each year. Contributed items which fill a need in the collection are added; however, we reserve the right to accept, reject, sell, or dispose of any received materials as we deem appropriate. We have to be selective because of storage limitations involved in maintaining so many items.


Important factors for book contributions:

  • Physical Condition – All books must have undamaged covers and cannot be musty or dirty. There should be no underlining or margin notes. Paperbacks will be rejected if they are yellowed or have cracked spines.
  • Magazines – No magazines will be accepted. Exceptions can be made only with the personal approval of the librarian.
  • Publication Dates – The library prefers to accept books published within the last five years that are in good to excellent condition. Outdated or incomplete encyclopedia and reference sets will not be accepted. Quality books older than five years may be accepted with the personal approval of the librarian.
  • Relevance and Content – Library books should be at an appropriate reading level for middle and high school students and contain subjects pertinent to their education.


Please contact Ms. Alegre if you have any questions about contributions at (212) 362-0400, Ext. 121.