Welcome to the Upper School Experience

No, this isn’t a new amusement park ride. The Upper School Experience was an informative meeting hosted by the York Prep admissisions office on the evening of January 12. Parents of 8th grade students gathered at York Prep for an in preparation for the impending progression of their children from Middle to Upper School next fall. A valuable tool for parents with apprehensions about the transition, the Upper School Experience was first introduced in 2006 and has been revamped for its return this year. On Tuesday night, Headmaster Mr. Ronald Stewart and Director of Enrollment Mrs. Elizabeth Norton  led the program.

Co-Directors of College Guidance Mrs. Jayme Stewart and Ms. Janet Rooney gave a brief talk about the puzzling maze of guiding upperclassmen through the college admissions process. As Mrs. Stewart has literally “written the book” on college guidance she was able to provide those in attendance with the most important advice she could this them, which was to not even worry about it yet. According to Mrs. Stewart, the best thing an 8th grader can do now is just be a good student and get involved.

Associate Headmaster, Mr. Art Viscusi reviewed the Upper School curriculum as well as the Scholars Program and the benefits it provides for those students who choose (and are selected) to participate. The program, a four year series of  honors courses, is designed to address the needs of York’s most academically inclined students. Its curriculum enhances and supplements the coursework completed by the students in their other classes.

The evening provided an opportunity for parents to directly ask four of York’s upperclassmen questions regarding their transitions, how they handled the increase work, and what the hardest classes they took were. Many parents were concerned about making a smooth transition and were pleased to learn that the school makes the process simple and nearly seamless.

Other faculty members who provided their own insights for those assembled included Chair of the Science Department & School Medical Official Dr. Melinda Viscusi, DPM, history teacher extraordinaire Dr. Charles Kaczynski, Director of the Math Curriculum Mr. Thomas Henson, and Upper School Dean Ms. Heather Marshall.

Eighth grade parents who were unable to attend may request a copy of the program catalog from Mrs. Norton at enorton@yorkprep.org.