Volunteer of the Month

“We have an opportunity to help, so why not do it?”
–Eli G., Class of 2009

Eli G. originally had an interest in service when he traveled to Costa Rica to do volunteer work. During a home stay there, he observed that many children in the town of Guanacaste were not attending high school because they could not afford the school in town, which is private.

Eli and his peers decided they would make it their goal to help make it possible for these children to get educated, so they started “Las Parcelas Project” to develop a fund for that aim. Their determination enabled them to overcome bureaucratic hurdles and completely tedious administrative work and to conduct a successful fundraising drive. The result: Full scholarships were awarded to seven children last year and eight children this year, thanks to their efforts. Eli plans to be involved in this endeavor for years to come.

What started out as a volunteer opportunity for one young man to work with a village on a meaningful labor project resulted in a collaborative effort which is providing a brighter future for many teens in the town of Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Congratulations, Eli!