This Week in Girls’ Junior Varsity Volleyball

For the first time ever, York Prep’s Junior Varsity Volleyball Team take the court. “There has been such an interest in volleyball at York Prep that we realized we would be able to field a varsity and a junior varsity team,” said Assistant Coach Durnford. “There are so many girls who are really good players but there just wasn’t enough room on the varsity roster for everyone, so we decided to form a second team. The JV team will make the volleyball program at York even stronger than before and will help greatly with the development of our young players.”

We have a talented group of girls and we expect them to have some big results this year. Former middle school players Maria Rhinehart-Jones, Taryn Briskin, Brittany MacLeod, Lauren Biedel, Rachel Semyonov, and Lia Ashley have moved up to help form a strong core for the team and look to continue their successes from last season.

The junior varsity girls’ first game is against York Prep’s perennial nemesis, Columbia Grammar. The JV team will be hosting Columbia on Tuesday, September 22. Whenever York squares off against Columbia, it is a tough game so we would love to have as many fans at the game as possible.

Come and support your 2009 Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball Team. Go Panthers!