The Revolutionary War Comes Alive

Early on the morning of Wednesday, October 28, students in sophomore and junior U.S. history classes were “invaded” by two representatives of the American War of Independence, both uniformed, armed, and fully equipped to fight the good 240-year-old fight.  Michael Alcock impersonated a Loyalist soldier fighting on the side of the British, and his partner Ted St. Amand represented a camp surgeon for the American side.  The two gentlemen are among those who take part in Revolutionary War reenactments, demonstrations, and other educational activities which bring the historical period quite literally to life.

These York students were given a special opportunity to see the facts of their textbooks in living color. During a special assembly in the Pantherdome, they learned about battle tactics and camp surgery and examined surgical tools, weaponry, maps and reenactment photographs over the course of two periods. Mr. Alcock’s and Mr. St. Amand’s intense interest and enthusiasm for the subject was matched only by the students’ thought-provoking questions. Students were encouraged to stay even after the assembly to ask any additional questions they might have had and examine the guns and other artifacts in a one-on-one setting during lunch. Anyone passing by the gym windows in the lobby was sure to have heard the resounding battle cry “HUZZAH!” more than once.