The Paw Provides All That’s Fit to Print!

The York Prep School newspaper, The Paw, has once again gone to print! The staff of the paper distributed the Spring 2017 Issue last week on Monday, May 8. Students all had copies of the paper delivered to their homeroom classes and teachers each got a copy in their mailboxes. The paper was well received by all. In fact, people raved and called it the best issue yet!

Including environmental news articles about topics like fighting climate change and reducing plastic use, this paper tackles important issues. The majority of the young staff of student writers is made up by sophomores and juniors with one exception. Video game reviewer Rome Kadi of the 6th grade, is the only middle school student on the staff! Just like his peers, Rome has done a great job of providing useful information to his readers.

Furthermore, with over 15 pages of hard-hitting journalism, the entire staff should be proud. Editors-in Cheif Khari Derrick and Joe Newman-Getzler, certainly did an outstanding job. While The Paw has been around for quite some time, all agree that this issue is not only informative but fun to read! Take the front page for instance. What could be more on the pulse than memes, especially as applied to politicians?

If you want to see this new issue of The Paw click here! Let us know your thoughts and submit your letters to the editor to any staff member. A special thank you goes out to the faculty advisors, Dr. Ian Pervil and Mr. Jeremy Clarke!