The 2018 Fall Production “Is He Dead?” + “Just Dance”

Was he dead, was he alive, or did anyone really care since they were laughing so hard!  That was the upshot of the Drama Club’s Fall Production, another comedy, called “Is He Dead?” by Mark Twain and updated by David Ives.

The central comic conceit was this: A not-so-famous artist from France – Jean Francois Millet – who in real life actually was very famous at the time of the play, 1846, in a wild attempt to raise some money to marry his one true love, Marie Leroux, and  to fend off the fiendish debt-holder, Sebastian Andre, schemes with his art students to fake his own death, thereby raising his artistic value (“The deader he is, the better he is!”).  Only in order to do so he must pretend to be his long-lost sister, the widow Daisy Tillou, come back to manage his “brother’s” estate!  Why his long-lost sister you ask?  Because in the words of Millet’s art student, Agamemnon “Chicago” Buckner, “That’s the plan!”.

Oh, and because it’s also very funny to dress in drag! And who better than Mark Twain to write such humor!

The twin bill that evening was “Just Dance!”, a series of short dance vignettes which showed off the brilliant talent of the York Prep Dancers.  The dances were a mix of ballet, hip hop, modern and tap and captured the imagination of all with their exquisite timing, grace, and power as well as through the masterful choreography of Lance Martin, Fiona Hutchison, and the students themselves!

All in all, a fun-filled and joyous evening of theater, or as the evening was suitably billed:  “A Celebration of the Arts!”

And, what a celebration it was!