Systems of Human Body Get Their Close-Up

This spring, some York Prep students took a good look at what’s under the surface… of their skin. Accompanied by their Science teacher, Ms. Jessica Holzer, seniors in the Anatomy and Physiology class took a field trip on April 21 to Bodies: the Exhibition at Manhattan’s South Street Seaport. Ms. Holzer also led her Biology 10 class and the entire 7th grade during their visit on May 5.

The show, which features actual human specimens that have undergone a process of polymer preservation, is divided into sections depicting different body functions. Ms. Holzer has gone to see the exhibit five times and finds it endlessly fascinating and a very valuable teaching tool. “There’s nothing like having the students examine the actual workings of the body to make the classroom learning click,” she said.

“I loved it because it was like having science class in an exhibit room,” said Nol, a sophomore. “We got to touch the brain and other organs—it was cool!”