Students Pay a Call on FDR Home at Hyde Park

Students in Grades 10 and 11 journeyed via bus with History teacher Michael Roper to Hyde Park on Sunday, May 23. Hyde Park, located 90 miles north of New York City, is the site of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt home, museum, and first-ever presidential library. Although participation was voluntary, 25 students joined the excursion.

In describing the Roosevelt home, sophomores Isaac, Milos, and Max wrote, “Hyde Park is a majestic mansion resting on a hill overlooking the beautiful Hudson River Valley.” The students got a close up look at FDR’s wheelchair, fashioned out of a simple kitchen chair; his world famous stamp collection; and his humble gravesite, with a headstone that includes only FDR’s name and dates, with no mention of his copious accomplishments and honors.

Prior to the trip, all the students chose and memorized significant quotes by our 32nd President, and each student recited one at an appropriate moment during the tour. Isaac concluded: “For anyone interested in American History, architecture, philately, or just nature, Hyde Park is an excellent place to visit and a wonderful national monument.”